Providence Catholic’s Children’s Academy programs are centered on appropriate lessons in religion that help children develop positive self-concepts, discover and appreciate God’s wonderful world, share Christian attitudes toward others and worship God through word and song.

PCCA is founded on the basic belief in the dignity of each child as a unique person created by God.  Each program is appropriately developed to meet the needs, abilities and interests of every child in a loving environment designed to nurture his/her life and faith.

The wide variety of learning activities at PCCA provide the development of the “total child” by creating feelings of competence in self and abilities, as well as enthusiasm for school.  At a very early age, children begin to think for themselves and see themselves as independent individuals.  This sense of individualism is always kept in mind during the planning of our programs, equipment, materials and guidance for our preschool and kindergarten children.

The following areas of your child’s development will be emphasized:

Spiritual • Academic • Social • Physical • Creative

Human relationships and building the child’s positive self-concept, upon which their relationship with God is built, are kept in the forefront when planning activities throughout the year.  The curriculum is based on an understanding of the child and his/her community, along with an understanding of the world of plants and animals.

PCCA utilizes the I Am Special series, religious education materials packed with engaging activities that teach children about the Catholic faith through drawing, storytelling and crafts.

“Wyatt has come full circle! He has had an absolutely amazing Catholic education! Starting here at age 4 and now graduating in May from Providence Catholic High School, located on the same campus! The day he graduated kindergarten, he turned to the high school and said, ‘I’ll be back!'”

D. Goorsky

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